Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to keep your pets Health

If you keep pets, whether dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs or a butterfly, you might want to know more about the animals you keep.

Pet lover site aims to increase knowledge and share experiences fellow pet lover. Although this site is in development stage, we hope with the support of fellow pet lover, the site will become a site that can be enjoyed by all animal lovers.

Guidelines Raising Puppies Brief

These guidelines are made well to assist you in how to feed, train, hair and health care your puppy. Although it is impossible to cover all topics related to dogs, the information in this guide covering the issues you will surely face in the coming days and the first few months with your puppy.

Puppy nutrition

New puppy born receives all the nutrients from mother's milk during the first four weeks. After that, solid foods can be added to the diet gradually until full sapih approximately 6-8 weeks. Nutritional needs of more demanding puppies more than adult dogs; in the first few weeks, the pup weight will increase two-fold. During the critical formative stages of this, the puppy will use a lot of energy for growth and play, but his stomach was still relatively small, therefore getting the best nutrition is very important to him.

Choosing a puppy food

It is important to give your puppy food that is easily digestible, nutritious formulas solid and 100% complete and balanced designed for growth. And because the ratio of growth vary considerably in each race / Purebred. It is important to choose a formula that fit the size of your puppy races.